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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some Questions or Concerns you may have;

Q: I'm nervous about my first appointment; not sure where to start or what will happen.

A: I'm relaxed, warm and friendly in my approach and find humour helpful where appropriate. I'll help you ease into things at your own pace. Part of the first session is helping you clarify thoughts and feelings and a sense of what you want from your sessions.

Q: I don't know how long I will need to come for; how many appointments.

A: People are free to come as many or as few times as they want. You will have more of a sense of what you need as we begin to work. In situations where a couple or parent(s) and child(ren) come together to resolve issues between them, I may be more directive on what is needed. But in situations where an individual attends psychotherapy, this is more an 'as needed' situation, led by you.

Q: How do you work?

A: I am eclectic in the sense that I have trained in many different areas and models of Psychotherapy and use all that knowledge every time I work, no matter the age of the client. My early professors in Education and in Psychology all emphasized, as indeed I do, the impact of the first 5-7 years 'the magic years' in the development of each of us. So both the developmental psychology I have studied over the years and the jobs I have undertaken, with primary and secondary aged children, have been invaluable in my understanding of adults. I have studied Developmental Psychology, Body-mind Psychotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Family Systems, Family Mediation, Jungian, Adlerian, Play therapy, Meditation, Energy work and Shamanic Journeying to name some. All of them have their place in the whole human experience.

When I work I like to learn each persons 'language' that is made up of the ways in which they learn and process infomation (learning modalities). That way I am understanding the person and responding in ways which are most suited to them, whilst presenting infomation which is not overwhelming or intrusive, but is useful.

I work differently according to the situation. A parent may be having difficulty with a child. This could involve play therapy for the child, or infomation on parenting, or working with a family relationship which is troubling that child. Couples can sometimes work on something in individual sessions which will improve their relationship. Perhaps one has experienced a traumatic event which is causing depression or mood swings; resolving these symptoms will transform the relationship. I work flexibly according to the demands of the situation. All work with any individual is confidential.

Q: Are there some areas/issues/individuals you do not work with?

A: If I feel that the issue(s) a person is working with is in some way outside my expertise or life experience, I will offer to refer you on to a more suitable colleague.

Additionally if I perceive that Body-Mind psychotherapy, or Somatic Experiencing is not suitable for you I will inform you so you may seek more suitable therapy for yourself. As described on the 'Working with Trauma' page, the way I work with Trauma resolution differs from some other forms of psychotherapy. It is important to understand that the focus is on moving out of the traumatic state, whilst respecting and validating memories, sensations and emotions. And also recovering any defensive movements that were lost due to the situation(s) which will both reduce symptoms and empower an individual.

My work with trauma focuses on the restoration of resources that, had they been available or possible, would have supported the client to avoid a traumatic imprint on overall functioning. To this end this therapy does not re-visit or re-enact original traumatic patterns, but develops insight, awareness and physiological recovery from them.

Q: How much will counselling cost?

I charge 110.00 for a one hour session in London and
95.00 in Bristol

Supervision and Consultation for Professionals is 120.00 per one hour session.

Payment by bank transfer or cash on the day of each session.

Cancellation Policy; 48 hours notice for a cancellation.

Concessions; All places for client concessions have been taken at this time.

* GDPR information; I am compliant with Data Protection (GDPR). I do not share any information which you share with me with anyone else, without your written permission. At any time, at your request, I will delete any information you have shared by email. Any notes I keep are process oriented, hand written, and are kept securely locked up. *

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