Frances Ross M.Ed Counselling Psychology, SEP, MBACP. Counselling and Psychotherapy
London & Bristol

' Frances has the light touch and acuity of a master of their art.
She deftly and swiftly facilitated me through some very difficult and traumatic early life issues.
I'm very grateful to her for helping me get some lovely parts of myself back.'
Dan (December 2010)

'I have worked with other therapists and forms of therapy to help with anxiety and past trauma but the work I have done with Frances has been life changing in a very subtle but profound way, releasing so much at a deep level. I loved how the sessions were much more body centred and felt like the missing piece. Frances is a gifted practitioner who is extremely kind, calm and supportive. She holds an incredibly safe space enabling me to feel accepting for who I am' (Andrea 2020)

' Frances' warm acceptance and her therapy room provided a very safe environment in which to explore my early trauma. In a very quick time I found I had released huge amounts of frozen energy which I'm able to employ more usefully now. Having more freedom of movement and thought I'm able to enjoy life more fully in the moment with greater physical self-expression. My relationship with myself and others has also changed for the better.'
Karen (December 2010)

' I came to Frances with high anxiety and horrible panic attacks. We worked together in a way that I had not thought was possible - it was not scary, it was not threatening, it was a wonderful journey of self discovery.
Now I lead a life where I feel in control in a very balanced and free way, ready to handle what life throws at me. I am no longer afraid - I feel totally free to be myself again.' (Sinead 2011)

'Frances' unique approach incorporating Somatic Experiencing touches the parts other therapies do not , somehow it switched off my worry button and helped me to focus on life in a much more constructive way. Frances also saw my daughter and I witnessed positive changes in her anxiety levels within a few sessions. Her warm hearted and gentle approach has been much appreciated.'  ( Gina 2016)

' I found it a revelation to understand that my body was still in shock from 50 years ago, when I experienced three major traumatic events. I learned to come back into my body and not be focused outside myself on other people. I learned to practice being in my body and focusing on the feelings thoughts and sensations I had while grounding myself. I feel empowered and my relationships have improved greatly.
Marilyn (2011)

'Our 6 year old daughter had very low self confidence, frequent tears and social withdrawal in the classroom and on the playground. We took her to Frances 3 or 4 times within a two month period. Our daughter became more confident and happier overall with fewer tantrums, and a better ability to relate to family and friends. The teacher said the change was 'magical'; that she was working independently and her reading had improved dramatically and that she was an active participant in classroom discussions. We are so proud of our daughter."
( Eliza Nov 2011).

I found it a revelation to discover the relative ease at which I could move through difficult feelings and behaviours to resolution around my childhood trauma. (Carol 2019)

Feelings matter, I discovered. I learnt skills of allowing emotions and body sensations, so that I was less overwhelmed and then also in a lot less physical pain. (John 2019)

Going back in time to grieve a loss, and receiving the acknowledgement and comfort I needed back then, now, really works. I feel much better able to live my life now, and less stuck in the past. I feel huge relief. (Martin 2019)


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