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* Covid 19 and Shock Trauma; The recent sudden changes in our lives has for some of us felt surreal and shocking. For those who have a history of shock trauma, in particular any trauma that involves being trapped or experiencing a very sudden loss, the old traumas may have been awakened and some resulting symptoms may have occurred. Please read the Working with Trauma page Click here for some understanding of how you may have been affected. (Covid 19 information for current clients is on the bottom of the Information and Skills page.) *


'My life has been transformed from one of fear, high anxiety, dissociation and depression which led to a multitude of problems... to a healing of my spirit, the coming home to my natural self. This has brought joy and spontaneity and calm into my relationships with spouse, family and friends.' Jane (August 2009).

'The changes in my system are profound, the most amazing of these being a total freedom from a headache that had lasted 43 years. What I love most about working with Frances is the simplicity of her technique, it cuts straight through to the centre of the trauma without overwheming or re-stimulating. Coming from a place of deep trauma, I now feel more rested in myself and safer in the world.' (Kay, June 2010)

Body-Mind approaches can facilitate very clear and functional connection with the person's own wisdom

I believe each individual has the innate ability to heal themselves. I assist each person to explore these abilities, in ways that work for them: Click Here. I've studied and practiced many models and techniques from Family Systems to Somatic Experiencing , with the belief that the more I know the more professionally and knowledgeably I can do my work.

My specialty areas of treatment are:

Home. Forest SceneShock Trauma and post traumatic reactions

To learn more about Trauma, such as the Anxiety, Insomnia, Phobias, Obsessions, Chronic pain or Learning Difficulties it can cause Click Here to see how I may be able to help you. Please also Click Here for examples of the kind of information and skills you will be experiencing and learning.

Children and Families

I work with the Family system to calm and improve the family atmosphere, making living together more enjoyable. I provide infomation on children and teenagers' development, on parenting methods tailored to suit each family, and on educational issues.

As both a Counsellor and former Teacher I'm qualified to provide infomation on educational issues such as learning difficulties and attention disorders. I consult with schools and teachers regarding children's behavioural difficulties.

Individual Psychotherapy

I work with individuals who wish to improve the quality of their life in regards to;
  • Relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addictions
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Resolving problems with children
  • Recovery from loss
  • Restoring self-esteem
  • Recovering meaning and focus in your life.

    Supervision and Consultation in Body-Mind Psychotherapy

    Supervision: for individuals wishing to integrate Somatic Psychotherapy into their practice, in order to work more effectively with Post Traumatic Reactions.

    Ongoing Training for Psychotherapists and Counsellors: Body-Mind Psychotherapy for the Resolution of Shock Trauma and Developmental Trauma.

    International Assistant for SE; Assisting in the US, Israel and at Peter Levine's Master Classes; 'Eye of the Needle: Near Death States', 'Breath, Depression and Aggression', 'Body Reading and Developmental Trauma', 'Memory and Emotion', 'Healing Developmental Trauma and Archetypes', 'Bones and Viscera'.

    Consultation: for health professionals and organizations.

    I have a Trauma Counselling practice in London, Richmond-on-Thames TW10, and in Bristol, Clifton, at 45 Alma Vale Rd, BS8.

    Details of fees on the FAQ page click here.

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